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How to Be Your Authentic Self

Andrea & Lee Vallely

July 7 | 9-9:45AM

Live more of the real you. Learn to be comfortable in your own skin, and live an authentic life. Imagine no longer being at the mercy of the world for your happiness. What if conditions did not have to change in order for us to be happy? What if everything we need to have clarity, resilience, an optimal mental freedom was already within us? What if we no longer had to demand the world be different in order to experience peace of mind? Join this conversation, and watch your life change with ease, for the better. 

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Yoga...from Trauma to Resilience

Terri Cooper Space

July 8 | 6:30-7:45PM


Trauma has a very specific impact on our brain and body. 


Yoga & meditation also have a specific impact on our brain and body. 

If you've always said, “I know the yoga makes me better”. 

You are correct. 


Join Terri Cooper Space in this all levels yoga practice to discover exactly how the yoga works. Learn about the hormonal responses of trauma and the impact yoga can have on our brain. 


This flow style masterclass will incorporate therapeutic yoga alignment which is perfect for new yoga practitioners and is guaranteed to challenge and intrigue even the seasoned practitioners. 


Intermediate breath work, kriya and meditation will also be guided so that we can regulate the nervous system, access the traumatic energy stuck in our bodies and build resilience.

Modern Kitchen

From Clutter to Clarity: In the Kitchen

David Hall

July 9 | 5:30-6:30PM


The kitchen is our home center for warmth, food, and energy. How you have it designed and organized can help your mood, before, during and after you have company over! Learn some timely tips on how to keep your counters clear, your appliances in line, and your feng shui flow in alignment!


Embodiment Yoga as Therapy

Jax Burbage

July 12 | 5:30-6:30PM


Join Jax in an hour journey through body awareness. She will mindfully guide opportunities for you to develop Self awareness through sensations. Cultivating a healthy loving relationship with ourselves on the mat supports us in our day to day lives and relationships off the mat. 


Unleash Your Power Hour

Loni Markman

July 14 | 9-10AM


Unleash your power hour is a transformative workout for the body and mind with Pilates instructor and positive body coach Loni Markman. This class will create a deeper connection to your CORE. Your CORE, aka your powerhouse, is at the essence of your being and doing. Strengthening and moving from that genuine CORE place is key to unleashing the most powerful version of yourself.


Eat with Angelique: Summer Sides

Angelique Santana

July 16 | 12:30-1:30PM

Join plant-based chef, coach, author, and speaker, Angelique Santana in the kitchen to prepare two recipes great for the summer from her cookbook Food Is Love: there are no rules in food and love - Macaroni Salad + Cilantro Lime Slaw - and a discussion on plant-based alternatives for your grilling pleasure. Q + A so bring your questions. Kid Friendly.

Bath Salts and Soap

Salts & Affirmations

Ladonna Letitia

July 18 | 7-8PM

DIY Skin Care & Craft; Join Owner & Operator of Soy Healing Garden, LaDonna Letitia as she talks you through creating personalized bath salts with all natural ingredients, centered around your desires for yourself. She'll also talk you through creating affirmations to accompany your bath salts in order to intensify your intentions during use.


Seeking Love

Danita Sajous

July 21 7-8PM

Tips on how to identify the "role" your subconscious mind created, at birth, to seek love! What's your label? Discover the "role" you played in your family dynamics. Is this form of Love-seeking still serving you? How does it show up today in your relationships, business, health & wellness? Juicy stuff!

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Letting Go of Mom Guilt

Colleen Reagan Noon

July 23 | 7-7:45PM

What is mom guilt, why do we have it, and what can we do about it? During this workshop I will bring you through the step by step process of learning how to let go of mom guilt when it pops up as well as the origins of where it comes from. You will get a chance to follow the steps during the workshop and let go of the most pressing guilt you have currently. You will then have access to the template to work through guilt any time that it pops back up in the future. 

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Mindful Digital Connections

Limor Ben Ari

July 25 | 7-8PM

Social Media, Content Creation & Mind Power. How to Win friends & influence people, online, in 2020. 


Greener & Cleaner

Jessica Hausknecht

July 27 | 7-7:45PM

Do you feel anxious or guilty when hearing about others who have figured out the way to make their homes and families greener, cleaner and healthier? Isn't it overwhelming to want to protect yourself and your family with a greener and cleaner lifestyle but you're not sure where to start? If you answered yes either question, then I can relate. I was in your shoes before I found an awesome all-in-one resource to help me switch around things in my household. 


With this workshop, I'd like to offer you a debriefing on the book that helped me calmly and successfully make major changes in my home, letting me rest easier that I was protecting my family from harmful chemicals in food and household products. Additionally, I feel more conscious by not supporting companies who aren't protecting us from chemicals related to cancer, infertility and many other health concerns. 


In this workshop, I'll let you know how choosing the safest foods can be easy. You'll also learn the 3 major changes that you can make in your kitchen's cookware, packaging, and storage containers that can have a major impact on your family's health. Do not feel like you will have the pressure to throw away your kitchen after the workshop. Instead, you will have the insight and resources to replace your next depleted food item or product with a safer one. 


Mindfulness for Modern Life

Cassandra Cabrera

July 29 | 7:30-8:30PM

An hour of refuge. Mindfulness meditations and philosophies to empower and inspire you this month. Join the Real Connections community as we strengthen our ability to be with the challenges of modern living with a resilient sense of inner calm and emotional wellbeing. This month's offering will incorporate ancient practices, neuroscience, and somatic coaching techniques.

Sheet music on music stand

Performance & a brief intro to music therapy from Autistic children to the elderly

Alex Johnson

July 31 | 6-7PM

Concepts of music therapy (with many live examples) and how they relate to autism, early childhood development, and reliving symptoms of depression, PTSD, and prolonging mental acuity in the elderly. We are going to cover a lot of ground very quickly in this one. Most of the topics discussed will be very intuitive to understand. It's about neural programming. There will be a brief intro on diet and autism at the beginning as well.


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