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Family Photos in B&W

Clutter to Clarity: How to Organize Your Sentimental Items

David Hall

Sept 24|6:30-7:30PM

When we save our old family photos, or picture albums, kids artwork from school, what do we do with them, how do we get to appreciate them, and store them? In this interactive workshop, we will explore the options of letting go while taking that sentimental journey into that shoebox of photographs. Helpful hints and a Q & A. 

Essential Oils

Essential Oils 101

Laura Zinn

Sept 27| 6-7PM

As people are transitioning away from toxic chemicals, and transitioning to a more organic, holistic lifestyle, Essential Oils are becoming more mainstream. They can even be found on the shelves of stores such as Marshall's and Target! But, who regulates these oils? Are there purity standards? How can essential oils be used day to day? How oils can be used to support your emotional and mental well being? How can I use oils for my yoga practice? Can oils be used to clean my house?


Answers to these questions and more!

The Power of Presence 

Kali Wiley

Sept 29|6-7PM

Living in the moment allows you to fully enjoy your life right now. This lifestyle can benefit you both mentally and physically, and can even benefit your relationships with others and the environment. Living presently is an empowering and fulfilling way to live!


Participants will take part in an interactive discussion about what being present means to us, all these benefits, the difficulties we have being fully present, and how to address these difficulties.

Tropical Fruits

Holy Macros!

Molli-Rose Glickman

Sept 30| 6-7PM

Proteins, carbs, fats. What exactly are they and how are they crucial for proper nutrition? Together, we will break down each category and discover the exact role that these macronutrients play in our health. We will discuss some common misconceptions, such as are carbs really so bad? Do we really need as much protein as we think? And what is the deal with "good" versus "bad" fats? Get ready to learn how to really create a well balanced diet!

jax .jpg

Embody Your Yoga

Jax Burbage

Oct 5 | 7-8PM EST

Using her combined teachings from several yoga styles, mindfulness, meditation + yoga therapy, Jax will lead us through an exploration of body-mind-spirit. This class will bring awareness through sensations, breath awareness and movement. All levels welcome! Come with a curious mind.

Screenshot 2020-09-15 at 15.59.17.png

Strength + Power Sweat Sesh with Vic

Vic  Busby

Oct 7 | 9-10AM EST

Let’s strengthen + tone it up beauties! We are going to really feel it in this class. After an awakening and engaging warm up, weights and supersets will be implemented to build strength, stamina, and correct posture. And then abs, because, why not? We all want to get those abs tight! You can blame me if you’re a bit sore after this one! :)


Eat with Angelique: Cooking for Gut Health

Angelique Santana

Oct 9 | 6-7PM EST

Want to master your gut health. Join plant based chef and health coach for a conversation about your digestive system and how to master your gut health. If you suffer from frequent headaches, fatigue, constipation, diarrhea, bloating/gas, UTI, yeast infections, frequent colds, brain fog, or anxiety/depression symptoms this class is for you.

Screen Shot 2020-09-19 at 10.47.34

The Power of Pause - Meditation

Randi Ifcher

Oct 11 | 11-12PM EST

In this class we will examine the inner workings of your mind ; by focusing on your breath , awareness of your thoughts , and utilizing the power of the pause. We will start with a discussion ; and then unplug as I guide you through a relaxing body scan meditation. No prior experience necessary , just an open ❤️

Care'Frontation vs. ConFrontation Conversations

Danita Sajous

Oct 13 | 7-8PM EST

Learn how to have meaningful, impactful, transparent and hard conversations while leaving everyone’s dignity intact.

+High Conscious communication with zero blaming or shaming
+Make powerful request of your heart’s desire
+Restore past relationships
+Remove toxic relationships
+Walk away with everyone’s dignity intact

Social Media for Small Businesses Workshop

Fi Simler

Oct 17 | 12-1:15PM EST

Learn industry-leading best practices for expanding your conscious brand, sharing your offers, and making an impact through social media.

In this workshop, you will learn:
- Instagram strategies for gaining more followers
- How to make your Instagram business profile look authentic, unique and professional
- Little-known Facebook strategies with big payoff
- Hashtags demystified - how to get them to work for you 

- Fi's personal toolkit for shooting social media photos, videos and livestreams, plus strategies for making them all work seamlessly -How to write inspired copy that engages followers and builds long-lasting relationships

Get Out of Your Head: The Art of Journaling 

Kate Volman

Oct 19 | 6-7PM EST

Journaling is a powerful practice. It allows us to get our crazy thoughts out of 

our head and onto the page. Journaling isn't about creating beautiful writing. It's 

about giving ourselves permission to be imperfect and get to the route of our emotions. 


In this interactive workshop you'll discover how: 

- To get comfortable with messy writing 

- To use journaling prompts to get started

- The daily practice of journaling helps reduce stress & anxiety 

- To enjoy the process of writing 

- To give yourself permission to be imperfect 

Balanced Mood + Optimal Digestion 

Dr. Kelsey Stang

Oct 21 | 7-8PM EST

We will cover the connection between digestive health and how gut imbalances can be connected to mood symptoms, specifically anxiety & depression. Focus will be on actionable ways to improve digestion, understanding possible causes to common digestive symptoms and how to support both mood symptoms and digestive function with mindful eating + lifestyle.

The Food Mood Connection for Kids

Loni Markman

Oct 23 | 1-2PM EST

You are what you eat. Did you know what we feed our children not only affects their body but their brains and moods as well? Join us for this informative and eye opening talk about the food mood connection and the hidden effects it has on our children.

Solar Plexus Chakra Tuning

Genevieve Rivera

Oct 25 | 5-6:15PM EST

Yoga postures, chants, and meditations for balancing the energy of the 3rd chakra. This chakra is connected to digestion and will power, it is our internal fire. 

Lose the "Quarantine 15" with Ayurveda + Tea

Dr. Shivani Gupta

Oct 27 | 6-7PM EST

Struggling to stay balanced with your health this year? Craving getting your momentum, energy, and joy back as we approach the end of the year? I get it! Many people have complained about the “quarantine 15” - the 15+ pounds everyone gained this year. The quarantine and stresses of this year have deprived us of sleep and the vibrant health that we all crave. Join me to learn six simple tools from eastern medicine that can help us shift and get that momentum back.

Healthy Snacks for You and Your Family

Nicole Silver

Oct 29 | 5:30-6:30PM EST

Join Nicole Silver to learn how to make simple, affordable, wholesome meals that are kid approved and delicious for the entire family. You will learn to make household staples that contain no refined sugar, are gluten and dairy free and will have you feeling nourished. Now more than ever is the time to take charge of your family's health.


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