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An online subscription of events, workshops, and classes that offer health and wellness tips, techniques, and tools.

Real Connections SoFla has pivoted our holistic events, workshops, and classes onto an online platform. We continue to serve the community with tips, tools, and techniques for a healthier lifestyle. Our mission to connect the community with conscious like minded people continues to live on through a virtual subscription. We are offering new classes for the month of May for you to connect not only with others, but with yourself.

May 2, 11AM Join Patti Green for a green beauty workshop. Watch, learn and enjoy as she shares the importance of adopting a green beauty routine. With skin being your largest organ it is paramount to become your own beauty detective and understand what the ingredients are that you are slathering on your skin daily. Once she provides you with valuable information she’ll demonstrate how to create your own beauty elixirs. She’ll review a list of natural ingredients that positively benefit your skin and teach you how to make your own facial cleanser and toner. You’ll discover that natural skincare ingredients will save you money, is kinder to our environment and is nourishing for your skin. Be kind to YOU


May 4, 12PM  Join Kristin Akbasli, personal trainer and nutrition coach as she leads a 60-minute class for all fitness levels. She will review proper form for her favorite at-home, no equipment- needed glute-isolating exercises to tone the glutes, strengthen hips, and improve back and spine health and mobility! You will finish class with a sense of accomplishment, perkier glutes, and a true understanding of how to engage your muscles for maximum results! This class can be done in your living room and no need for shoes!


May 5, 7PM Join mindfulness teacher and coach, Cassandra Cabrera, of Metta Mind + Life, to start your month empowered with strategies to deeply relax both mind and body. This workshop is for highly-motivated women and men who are feeling stressed and overwhelmed, running on nearly empty and giving everything they’ve got - who want to feel calm and centered. It is vital that we cultivate mental-emotional resilience and wellbeing right now to prevent burnout. Using an evidence-based approach, we’ll untangle why we get stuck in patterns of chronic stress and unbalance and create an action plan that fosters balance, inner peace and calm (that works for you in your life). Leave this hour feeling inspired and focused. This interactive workshop includes 5 in- depth strategies, PDFs, & Q&A.


May 6, 11AM Take a home tour of clutter trouble spots and learn valuable tips with David Hall. He will teach you his go to steps: 1. Clearing the Clutter, 2. Keeping Clutter free, once we get the job done, 3. The impact of clutter compared to clarity of organization. David brings a Feng Shui flair to his organizing designs, leaving you feeling better, more open, refreshed and vibrant!Tune in, turn on, be prepared to take notes and pay close attention.


May 8, 11AM Maximum strength only comes after maximum length of a muscle - If you want more strength, your muscles need more length and oxygenation. Join Judy Weaver in a physical asana and a pranayama practice designed to lengthen and strengthen.


May 12, 12PM Join us in the kitchen with plant-based chef, Angelique Santana. She will be teaching us how to make hummus and how to use it to make delicious veggie wraps. Bonus recipe will be a sweet treat called “Santana Bites”. The class is kid friendly so bring the kiddos into the kitchen with you!


May 14, 7PM Tips and mindset shifts to help parents cultivate a feeling of peaceful presence when with their children. This workshop led by Colleen Reagan Noon will work with parents to find where they are blocked in feeling present with their child and learn how to de-escalate tense situations when trying to find a balance between busy life and kids.


May 16, 2PM This class will be a group art play taught by Zoe Alexa, as well as guiding you through painting an abstract piece uniquely your own. In this class we will have a series of prompts within the confines of Shape, Color, Line/Texture, Location, and a few extra surprises! These prompts will be drawn as if you are awaiting your numbers from a lottery ticket, but in this game... everybody wins! Abstract Painting Lottery is an excellent opportunity to seize your creative strength and feel powerful in your conducted masterpiece.


May 18, 7PM Join Dani Pogachefsky for this workshop combining movement and music - we will explore the ancient practice of mantra chanting to cultivate energy and balance our internal environments. We will utilize gentle movement to open the energy pathways and ground us into our bodies and chanting to connect us beyond our bodies with our creative potential.


May 20, 8:30PM Join neurocoach, Ashley Baker, co-founder of The Women's Collective, for a powerful re- connecting with Ultimate Mother Energy. Using Mother Earth as an archetype of power, we'll explore the role of Mother within ourselves through a deeply grounding, meditative visualization. Together we'll take stock of the ways we're caring for others and turn the attention towards ourselves to reveal concrete ways we can better care for ourselves and use our intuitive powers to expand our joy and uplift those around us. This practice is not just for mothers or women. The capacity to mother exists in all of us. We are all uplifted when we embrace our feminine powers.


May 22, 11AM At a time when our well-being as a global community has been threatened, our limiting beliefs may be more prominent due to the unprecedented stress it has put on our lives. Limiting beliefs can touch all aspects of our lives and can hold us back or keep us stuck. We have core beliefs that guide the decisions we make. They affect how we interpret the events in our life and they influence the way we think, feel, and behave. Our healthy beliefs serve us well. But, the unrealistic, self-limiting beliefs--can keep us from reaching our greatest potential. It’s important to acknowledge our core beliefs and examine which ones might be inaccurate and unproductive. In this workshop facilitated by Rose Bruce, we will take steps to IDENTIFY, ADDRESS AND RELEASE beliefs that are limiting our possibilities.


May 24, 5PM An exploration of spirituality and connecting to source through classical music with an emphasis on the lives and music of J.S. Bach and Ludwig van Beethoven. Live excerpts will be performed by Alexander Johnson, exploring the structure and language of music. We will trace common themes and motifs while discussing the universal aspects of sound and music and how they may guide us towards source and oneness.


May 26, 5:30PM Join Jax Burbage in a relaxation form of yoga. She’ll be offering a 45 minute restorative practice to feel refreshed and renewed. Restorative yoga is a sacred practice to assist in regulating and centering the self. Restorative yoga is intended to bring peace for the body-mind through the nervous system by holding shapes with the body for 3 to 7 minutes at a time, sometimes longer, with the support of props such as blocks and blankets or bolsters. You could use pillows and or books as well as blankets in the comfort of your own home! Be prepared to melt into your true being. If you have essential oils or incense that you would like to set your space up with, even an eye pillow is welcomed.


May 28, 12PM Join Dr. Shivani Gupta as she shares the Top 5 Ways we can support our Immune System holistically - there are simple teas, spices, herbs, and rituals we can use daily that can keep us supported overall. 


May 30, 10AM Unleash your power hour is a transformative workout for the body and mind with Pilates instructor and positive body coach Loni Markman. This class will create a deeper connection to your CORE. Your CORE, aka your powerhouse, is at the essence of your being and doing. Strengthening and moving from that genuine CORE place is key to unleashing the most powerful version of yourself.

Monday, June 1, 10-10:45AM 

Bird Watcher with Vero

Children will learn about some unusual feathered friends and then make their very own bird feeders! They'll also learn about keeping a bird-watcher's log and how they can report their sightings to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Brief examination of feathers- "nature's airplanes!"


Monday, June 1, 11-11:45AM 

Create Your own Journal with Amanda

Using common household items, children will create and decorate a journal we will use throughout the summer program


Tuesday, June 2, 11-11:45AM 

I can FLY! with Keyla

Yogis will learn balancing poses to help them understand that they have the power to soar through anything!


Wednesday, June 3, 10-10:45AM

Fruits & Veggies with Vero

Interactive guessing game with fruits & veggies followed by a veggie puppet show. We'll end the class by making plant-based smoothies that will be as healthy as they are delicious!


Thursday, June 4, 11-11:45AM

I can GROW! with Keyla

Yogis will practice strengthening yoga poses through a story of a small seedling that withstood a storm.


Friday, June 5, 11-11:45AM

Loving Our Bodies with Amanda

Using restorative flow and discussion on self care and having healthy habits, at the end children will receive a recipe to add in their journals to create with their families


Monday, June 8, 10-10:45AM

Nature Art with Vero

Children will create their own nature paint-brushes using sticks and leaves. We'll paint on paper with our nature brushes and experiment painting with other natural textures such as sponges, pine cones, flowers and veggie scraps.


Monday, June 8, 11-11:45AM

Nature Mandala with Amanda

Children will create a mandala with items from nature.


Tuesday, June 9, 11-11:45AM

Mindful Nature with Keyla

Yogis will practice yoga poses inspired by nature. We will create our own yoga sequence to share with our friends and family!


Wednesday, June 10, 10-10:45AM

Music Maker with Vero

Discussion about music; its origins and how we use it to express ideas and feelings. We'll play a rhyming game and learn how to use words that rhyme to make a poem. Children will create their very own music shaker using a toilet paper roll. We'll end with a jam session by using our shakers over the poem we wrote together.


Thursday, June 11, 11-11:45AM

We love YOGA! with Keyla

Yogis will learn a dance infused yoga sequence to jam out to together! We will end the class by singing our yoga anthem, "We love Yoga!"


Friday, June 12, 11-11:45AM

Meditation for Kids with Amanda

Children will learn about meditation, basic postures, breathing, guided meditation, and mantras


Monday, June 15, 10-10:45AM

Gardening With Food Scraps with Vero

Discussion about photosynthesis and the magic of plants! Interactive game teaching the different parts that make up a plant. Children will then learn how to plant store-bought food scraps and start their own food garden.


Monday, June 15, 11-11:45AM

Repurpose/ Upcycle with Amanda

Repurpose a can to use for planting, and upcycle items


Tuesday, June 16, 11-11:45AM

Beach Yoga with Keyla

We will take a virtual trip to the beach and learn how to bring awareness to the environment around us. Yogis will learn fun and strength building yoga poses coupled with their favorite Disney water tunes!


Wednesday, June 17, 10-10:45AM

Science Wiz with Vero

Discussion about what it means to be a scientist; Hypothesizing and experimenting to learn about the natural world. Children will enjoy a rhyming story about a young scientist who was curious about the world, Ada Twist the Scientist. Then we'll dive into a fun and colorful experiment using just 3 ingredients; water, oil and food coloring.


Thursday, June 18, 11-11:45AM

The Power of "I AM” with Keyla

Yogis will read "I am Yoga" together and practice the yoga postures illustrated in the book. We will conclude class by creating out own positive affirmation cards!


Friday, June 19, 11-11:45AM

Body Weight Fitness with Amanda

Children will learn basic form of exercises using their own bodies, such as push up and squats


Monday, June 22, 10-10:45AM

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!with Vero

Reading of Veronica Green's book; Diary of a Plastic Bottle. Discussion about the effects of plastic on Earth's natural habitats. We'll learn about how to reduce our contact with single-use plastics and how to recycle properly with a recycling game. We'll end with a fun upcycled art project using bottle caps and crayons.


Monday, June 22, 11-11:45AM

Making Mandalas with Amanda

Guided Meditative art form, moving meditation, creating intricate geometric into a work of art



Tuesday, June 23, 11-11:45AM

I am strong like a __________! with Keyla

Yogis will learn different animal poses to feel strong and flexible!



Wednesday, June 24, 10-10:45AM

Young Writers with Vero

We'll discuss different types of books (illustrated, chapter books, comics, novels, etc), different genres (love, mystery, spooky, autobiography, etc) and what it means to be a writer. We'll dive into the creative process and collectively, we'll come up with a short fictional story together. Children will learn the various parts of piecing together a story and leave with a better appreciation for the books they read at home.


Thursday, June 25, 11-11:45AM

Yoga Stories with Keyla

Yogis will flow through a fun and interactive yoga story and will learn how to make one of their own by the end of the class


Friday, June 26, 11-11:45AM

Ad Libs with Amanda

Together we will fill in the blanks to create a unique, one of kind story using and learning parts of speech




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