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Ayurvedic Wellness Coach & Speaker

Dr. Shivani is unapologetic about helping women reclaim their vitality by integrating simple and effective Ayurvedic principles into everyday life. 

Driven by the desire to root out the alarming rates of disease and illness that plagues millions of Americans, Shivani brings her expansive knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine to teach audiences how to prioritize self-care and intentional living. Shivani vowed to make her health a priority after witnessing her parents and grandparents battle diabetes and other health issues that were exacerbated by lifestyle choices. She spent decades studying alongside gurus of the 5,000-year-old philosophy of Ayurveda that explores the connection of mind, body, and spirit. She also holds a Masters and Doctoral degree in Ayurvedic Studies from the Hindu University of America where she studied the healing properties of herbs and spices such as turmeric. 

As an entrepreneur and author, Shivani has a proven track record of creating health-conscious solutions for the modern woman. After earning her bachelor’s degree in entrepreneurship and global marketing from Babson College, she launched Sama Baby Organics, an eco-apparel baby clothing sold in major U.S. retailers such as Whole Foods.

Now she helps others adopt health-conscious habits and avoid burn out by integrating modern Ayurvedic practices into everyday life. The birth of her two children developed her conscious framework and served as the inspiration for her first book “The Conscious Pregnancy.”

In 2015 Shivani applied her expansive knowledge of ancient medicine to create a dietary supplement with the highest concentration of medical-grade herbs and spices on the market.


Author, Speaker, Health & Performance Coach

Devin helps people wake up with energy to get more done, in less time without burning out. He is an author, speaker, coach, and founder of Empowerment Wellness Solutions, a company focused on empowering individuals and organizations to increase their capacity and performance.

He is also the founder of SleepScienceCoach.com which helps people stop suffering and start sleeping using a unique holistic approach based in science.

He was named one of the "Top 25 Health Coaches in America.” and has studied innovative holistic coaching methods from some of the world’s top health and human performance experts for over a decade.


Parental Coach

I have spent this time crafting my trade though hands on experience, furthering my education and keeping tabs on the latest trends in child development and products. I kept current by taking a varied selection of certification and training programs related to pregnancy, birth and children ages zero to teens.

In 2010 I completed my Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and Creative Arts in Learning. My experience, interests and life situation led me to start The Respected Child in August of 2018. I guide parents on a journey to trim down and tune in. I help them focus on how to make deep and authentic connections with children that help them as parents grow as people just as much as they help their children grow. And to do so in a home environment that respects the world as much as the people in the house.

In August of 2019 my family and I moved to Delray Beach. I plan to continue offering services in both eco-conscious and instinctual parenting as well as offer programs for parenting while in recovery.


Chief Clutter Clearing Officer

I have been organizing, decluttering and designing interior and exterior space for over 15 years now.

Starting with family and friends in New York and South Florida, I’ve created an exciting and effective process by arranging possessions that makes a noticeable difference in the lives of my clients. 

I offer clutter and chaos relief with the opportunity to move lives forward, in a positive, more purpose-driven way.

My practice demonstrates how to let go of things since unwanted, unused, and under-appreciated possessions weigh us down and hold us back from what we truly want and desire.  No matter the circumstances, from downsizing to upgrading the organizational quality of your home or office, A+ Clutter Clearing “enlivens” your space and “frees you up” to experience new ways to make room in your busy life.


Health & Nutritional Coach

Rebecca focuses on the whole body, the way you live and what you eat, that helps you create lasting sustainable life long change.

Rebecca dives deep, helping you overcome the obstacles that have kept you from achieving your goals and having the life you have dreamed of, in the body that feels like home. Getting to your personal “WHY” is the key to your success. When you’re clear on your reasons for change, achieving your goals becomes possible.

Rebecca’s compassionate loving approach to wellness comes from decades of personal experience with her own struggles to over come health issues.

Rebecca is 200-hour Vinyasa Krama teacher and is now also enrolled in Casa MannaBliss 200 hour Teacher (Transformation) Training. She is a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and currently in a Hormone Health Certification and a Health Coaching Practicum to become a National Board Certified Health Coach.

She has authored her first cookbook For The Love Of Real Food and is the mother to 3 beautiful empowered daughters.