Ayurvedic Chef & Nutritional Coach

Ryann is on a mission to change the world by changing how we see our food and its impact on our lives. Her company, Food Brilliance, was founded with a mission to teach people how to make life choices that nourish their entire being by understanding their body and fueling it with the foods it needs to feel its best. Its guiding principle is that what we eat matters and directly affects how we feel, how we interact with others, and how we experience the world around us. 


Ryann provides one on one, hands on instruction to teach her clients how to cook for their individual health goals or address their health concerns through dietary change from the comfort of their own kitchen. Her full service offerings include "pantry makeovers”, education on safe cookware, grocery store or green market tours to learn how to pick and choose quality ingredients, and proper food prep and safety. She also hosts cooking demos and workshops for small groups or companies that teach specific topics like "healthy snacks", "foods that boost your mood", "heart healthy eating", and "healing teas".

Ryann is both a trained nutritional health coach and a trained Ayurvedic chef that has studied with some of the most renowned leaders in both disciplines. She believes in the power of food and works directly with groups or individuals to lovingly support them as they learn how to cook for their individual health goals, transform their kitchens, and understand their body’s needs.


Personal Trainer & Nutritionist

Kristin, MA, CPT, CISSN, FNS, FMS is the founder of Create my Weight. She helps people ditch restrictive diets, end emotional eating, and optimize their fitness regime to create a sustainable, stress-free weight loss solution and improve health. Kristin resides in Delray Beach, FL and serves clients nationwide.


Plant based chef, health coach, author & speaker

A Plant-Based Chef, Health Coach, Author, and Speaker. I know and understand what it is like to struggle with food, weight loss and the quest for happiness. Making excuses to avoid exercise and eating healthy until the day I asked myself "What is more important than me?" Ever since, I have considered how thoughts, actions, and food intake express love not just to others but also to myself. Happier than ever and living a life that I love, I am on a mission to inspire others to show themselves lots and lots of love.

Combining my passion for food with fitness and more than 20 years of hospitality experience, I aim to bring love, joy, and ease to your life by customizing a plan that is just for you because "Nothing is More Important Than You."

Although I specialize in raw and cooked plant-based foods none of my clients are vegan, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I love introducing new foods to their existing "diets" and showing them what is possible.

Chef Coton .png


Classicly Trained Private Chef

Classically Trained Chef with a modern colorful Flare. Floridian Island native that practices conscious cooking! Chef Coton believes in Organic ingredients &  sustainable living. Chefs back ground is as a Exclusive Executive Private Chef & has spent years in the placement of Private residence in Las Vegas & Palm Beach.

An enticing colorful personalized menu, inspired by the seasons will be presented with in each and every time meal. 

Chef Coton believes that a great meal begins with high quality ingredients. She believes in resourcing locally and that this is the best way to consistently provide and meet our high standards. Attention to detail is precisely executed on each and every plate and will be confirmed by your pallet.


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