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Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Crystal Energy HealerAll You Need

Prema is a gentle and nurturing yoga teacher who has been sharing her practice around the globe since 2008. Her teaching style supports students of all abilities to flourish in their practice attuning them to a vibration of love and the infinite potential of connection. Prema’s classes are laced with the wisdom of her travels and knowledge of both the physical and spiritual worlds. ⁣⠀

Prior to moving to Delray Beach, Prema spent 9 years traveling, studying and teaching at spiritual centers in countries all over the world including India, all through South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Peru, Bali and most recently Guatemala.

Prema has several 200-hour and 500-hour certifications from the US, India, Bali, Thailand and Guatemala. She is trained and certified to teach Hatha and Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Yoga Energetics, Yin, Restorative, Prenatal Yoga, Kids Yoga, Mommy & Me Yoga and Vipassana Meditation.

It is Prema’s greatest wish to create a space where self-healing and self-love can take place so she can help others pave the way towards happiness and inner peace. She guides people back to their true selves by sharing some of the many tools that have supported her along the way.

She is also a passionate bhakti yogi who loves sharing the profound practice of Kirtan.


Group/Private Yoga, Energy Healing, &  Stress Reduction Facilitator

Our yoga connects us to the heart and soul of who we are.  It connects us to the heart and soul of life itself.  We begin to see ourselves as a part of nature, and nature as a divine and nurturing unfolding.

My mission is in holding space for others to return to their natural state of love, wholeness, embodiment, receptivity and strength.  We don’t need to struggle, force or seek these things, they always are and the Yoga is direct participation in them, as well as an un-learning, untying of the knot, unraveling of sorts, back to these fundamental truths of each human being.   The process of untying the knot is natural, it happens as we practice.  

Our healing and our relationship with ourselves and the world around us can transform organically, as we directly experience ourselves as a living breathing aspect of the natural world.  We relax into our nature, our beauty, this is a resting place and gift of Yoga.  We can begin to live and move from this truth, no longer comparing ourselves to others or buying into a disempowering system that tells us that we need fixing or to look outside of ourselves for answers.   We become intimate with the miracle of our living body and the innate wisdom and intelligence that lies within.  When we relax and truly receive our moments, the energy of our heart, and our unique soul expression can be felt and followed.  We can trust ourselves.

I have been sharing Yoga, deeply rooted in the Krishnamacharya tradition since 2015, following a career in Social Work.  My passion is sharing the heart of Yoga, a practice that moves off the mat and into every aspect of our life.  I have also studied and incorporated free movement, sound, and energy healing modalities and am currently completing my Master’s Degree in Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture at Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine.  I am eternally grateful for grace, the long and winding road leading to this moment, and for teachers who saw me as whole and THE beauty of nature, before I was able to see this for myself. I currently cultivate a safe and loving room to explore the practice of yoga, offering Yin/Restorative practices for peace, receptivity, and nervous system balancing, as well as creative-mindful Vinyasa classes, in the area. I also work with people individually and offer support and space for authentic yoga, embodiment, healing, and stepping into wholeness. 


Yoga Teacher

Scoliosis and asthma were the physical challenges that initially drew me to yoga. Numbness and distrust were the emotional challenges I encountered on my mat. These challenges keep me honest, showing me when I'm neglecting my self-care, they flare back up as reminders to listen to my body and heart. I am grateful for these challenges as they allow me to empathize and connect to students dealing with their own issues. Challenges are some of my best teachers. I encourage students to explore their challenges, leaning into them with loving compassion and curiosity to see what lessons they hold.

I share the discipline of yoga as a platform or tool for transformation. I believe yoga offers students a chance to cultivate awareness and in turn use that awareness to make conscious choices about how they breathe, move and think. The practice of yoga allows us to acknowledge, refine and balance how we show up physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

I weave elements from the many limbs of yoga along with my life lessons and my experience as an orthopedic sports massage therapist to offer my students the tools they need to move through life with more flexibility and grace. My background is based in the Ashtanga-Vinyasa lineage. After 11 years of teaching my evolution is leading me to blend more therapeutic aspects into my classes, thus creating an environment for trauma release and self-care.

I have seen some of my students go on to become amazing teachers with their own flare and passion. It fulfills me to see my students shine brighter as they open their bodies and increase their prana/energy, and the most rewarding gift is when they bring that energy into their environments and relationships. Perhaps a student goes on to teach yoga classes or simply shares some yoga knowledge with a co-worker, friend, or family member... in the end it all spreads more love and light in the world. It is for that reason that I am co-leading the Casa ManaBliss 200 hour Teacher (Transformation) Training.


Yoga Teacher, Labour Doula & Acupuncturist

Irina is a yoga instructor, labour doula, and licensed acupuncture physician in the state of Florida.

After obtaining her undergraduate BBA in Economics and Finance from Temple University in Philadelphia (2005) Irina quickly realized her true interest lay in alternative medicine and healing. 
After relocated to FL from NJ in 2008 to pursue yoga therapy she became a certified yoga instructor via Yoga Alliance in 2011.  

Irina continued her interest in holistic medicine and decided to pursue acupuncture and oriental medicine as her specialty.  After completing the Oriental Medicine Masters program at Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine in Fort Lauderdale, FL in August 2014, she received the licensure from the State of Florida in September 2014. 

Irina’s yoga teaching combines traditional yoga poses with new techniques designed to challenge your yoga practice, build stretch and increase flexibility.

After several years of practice in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine, Irina became a mama to a baby boy named Elijah. This shifted her interest and practice in many ways, and eventually led to her obtaining certification to become a labor doula.
Currently Irina is a practicing licensed acupuncturist in the state of Florida, treating patients using acupuncture, herbs, functional medicine and nutrition.  Her current focus is on treatment of Women’s Health and Pediatrics.


Yoga & Ecstatic Dance Teacher

My passion for life, wellbeing, healthy living, cooking and dancing developed over the years throughout my personal experiences, struggles, breakthroughs and transformation, I was able to see that I wanted to make a difference in people's lives, and share the gift that was given to me.

In 2007, I became a certified personal trainer. I worked with many people who wanted to lose weight, build strength, regain self-confidence and shift into a healthier lifestyle which was extremely satisfying.

In 2009 I was introduced to Budokon, An organization fully committed to the evolution of global consciousness. It taught me how to free myself from physical and emotional distress and peak performance training. It helps me develop new talents and skills that allow me to express myself in ways I never imagined possible, it helps me find balance in my relationships, career and I found a spiritual practice that forever altered
the quality of my life.

Jesicca is a multi-talented entrepreneur, a unique outrageous and multi-dimensional being. Her passion for dance, animals and human movement has lead her exploring and developing all the living arts she is currently sharing. Over the past 15 years, she has learned many styles of yoga, dance, and bodywork. 

She is a 500 RYT with an extensive repertoire in healing and movement arts, including Aerial Yoga, Yin Yoga, Vedic Thai, Pole Fitness, Aromatherapy, Sound Healing, Ecstatic Dance, Budokon, Personal Training, Holistic Health Coaching, and Living Arts.


Yoga Teacher, Flow Artist, & Sacred Sound Facilitator

Jessica is a lifetime devotee of love, nature, art, and adventure. An avid traveler, musician, artist, and experienced certified yoga & healing arts teacher of 11 years, she dubs herself a ‘wandering heartist’ which encompasses her free-flowing, heartfully-expressed creative lifestyle.

Jessica is a former co-owner and director of a healing arts company which was dedicated to creating and gathering conscious community and hosting various healing arts workshops & events. She continues to host free or donation based community events including the popular weekly Sunset Beach Yoga meetup in Delray Beach Florida, and monthly full moon beach yoga gatherings.

Her background and teaching is eclectic and dynamic, consisting of physically based disciplines from being a dancer and olympic weight lifter in high school, having functional fitness education, practice & certification, to her 500 hour trainings and certifications in hatha, vinyasa, and kripalu style yoga… To also having a very heart-based & meditation focused personal practice and teaching style, spending much of the last decade in the deep realms of raja, bhakti, and Siddha yoga, as well as taoism and qigong. Pranayama & chanting mantras are a beloved practice of hers and she will often incorporate them into her yoga classes while playing various sound healing instruments, to assist & encourage deep rest.

Jessica is also a skilled & practiced bodyworker specialized in Vedic style Thai Massage, a certified energy & sound healing practitioner, and yoga nidra facilitator. Whether she leads a sweat inducing vinyasa, an ecstatic dance experience, a melt-into-bliss yin practice, a sound journey, or guided meditation experience, Jessica intuitively holds space with heArtful passion and with the soul intention of inspiring Love, deep peace, and celebration for life.


Yoga Teacher & Musician

I discovered yoga after the end of my ten-year military career left me feeling empty, disconnected and unsure of my identity. After embarking on the long and arduous journey of self-discovery to come back to myself, I’ve found meaning and purpose in helping others.

I began by practicing yoga through an organization for Veterans, and took the next step to become certified to teach Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative styles of yoga. As a disabled Veteran, I encourage students to listen to and honor their bodies. As a warrior and a woman who has seen the power of self-healing, I assist students in pushing their intelligent edge to discover the transformative nature of breath and movement.

I am a musician, and love to sing and play ukulele and guitar.

I work in the mental health field, and have experience teaching to Mental Health and Substance Abuse clientele. Life has made me believe in the ability of people to self-actualize. I am always honored and excited for the opportunity to help other humans find their way home in whatever way I can.


Holistic Reflexologist & Author

Laura M.S., LMT, world-renowned Holistic Reflexologist and author of the best-selling book, Feet First: A Guide to Foot Reflexology, offers private Reflexology and Life Wellness Coaching sessions in
Delray Beach and Holistic Reflexology Certification Training Programs in Boynton Beach starting January 19th.

Laura has created a collection of pure, natural Aromatherapy products for your feet, hands and face and step-by-step Foot, Hand and Face Reflexology Home Study DVDs, and offers beautiful gift certificates online for all occasions.


Yoga Therapist & Teacher of Teachers

Judy believes the practice of yoga helps to live life more fully, encouraging her students to have fun, find their edge, let go of expectations and incorporate yoga into their everyday lives. She holds Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga teaching and yoga therapist certifications.  With over 30 years of learning and teaching as a yoga therapist, Judy has developed Bodymind Recalibration™ a multi-discipline practice building cognitive and somatic body-mind relationships and founded Connected Warriors, the largest volunteer based non-profit delivering Trauma-Conscious yoga programs to active-duty service members, veterans and their families around the world.

Judy developed Trauma-Conscious Yoga methodology in 2007 from her therapy work with an U.S. Army Ranger diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) easing his journey and extending the length and quality of his life.  Trauma-Conscious Yoga is based on the understanding that trauma is held in the cells of the body and mind – it is physiological rather than psychological.  Reconnecting the body and mind with the synchronization of conscious breath, movement and concentration in a safe, secure and predictable environment supports healing and wellness.  This protocol has been used in 3 university clinical studies and is currently being used by Connected Warriors and other health care practitioners.  

As a member of Yoga Alliance Advisory Board, On-line Presenter and part of their Core Curriculum Working Group Judy has been able to share her passion for this practice of yoga to support the yoga community. She has also been a significant contributor to the YSC book “Best Practices for Yoga for Veterans”.  Judy is honored to use her body of knowledge as she continues to lead certified yoga teacher trainings, workshops and lectures across the U.S at yoga conferences, festivals, universities, yoga studios and other locations.