I’m bossy

I remember when I was younger I was told I was “bossy.” I had a voice and I used it. I spoke up when I didn’t like something or someone. I told people what I wanted and needed and I was honest, real and authentic even as a child.

Reflecting as a 38-year-old woman, business woman and entrepreneur, those memories and labeling are flooding in. Why is it that little girls are called bossy when boys are described as leaders? Why do I apologize a lot, saying sorry before starting a sentence or completing a thought? I’ve noticed other women doing it too.We also raise our intonation at the end of sentences as though our statements are questions. Am I questioning if what I have to say has any value or importance? I’m sure of myself. Why don’t I act like it?

As a female starting my own business, mostly on my own and from scratch, I reflect on our cultural norms, especially when it comes to women in positions of power and authority. I’ve been called pushy when trying to get work done. I’ve been told I’m aggressive when sharing what I want. I’m forward, when I’m being intentional and communicative.

My intention, and the foundation of my business is to support and elevate other health practitioners in my community. I provide the audience for these passionate educated holistic experts, coaches and teachers.

My business is to promote and be a cheerleader. As one of my favorite comedians called it, be “a hype girl.” ( Tiffany Haddish when she was working the bat mitzvah scene).

Being direct, asking people to show up and take accountability, and pushing those to get comfortable in the uncomfortable is something I will continue to do. And I won’t be apologetic about it.

"I just love bossy women." -- Amy Poehler

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