Corporate Wellness

Allow us to share health + wellness tips to your team members

Studies have proven that mindfulness in the workplace improves productivity, increases retention, & improves focus. Offering your team support for their mental & physical health can be facilitated virtually or in-person (SoFla Only) 

Employee Sessions ( virtual or in-person)

-45 minutes with holistic experts

-Via ZOOM or in-person 

-Employees can book a free consultation call with experts

-Topic examples: yoga, fitness, sleep, + nutrition

Organizing a day retreat for team building or a weekend leadership + wellness getaway, not only will improve the culture of your office but it will make you that really cool boss. 

Team Building or Leadership & Wellness Retreats

-Day retreat or weekend getaway

-Includes yoga, movement, sleep + nutrition workshops

-Vegan/ plant-based meals

-Conscious Leadership: 15 Commitments 

Team work