Cassandra Cabrera

Mindfulness Teacher & Coach



Cassandra is a qualified mindfulness teacher and coach with expertise in supporting people who are overwhelmed with the demands of daily life and wanting greater wellbeing, for over a decade. Cassandra teaches groups and individuals how to apply evidence-based mindfulness, meditation, and wellness practices to modern-day living and relationships. She is committed to helping others cultivate a fulfilling life that is awake to our present sources of joy and rooted in inner peace. Cassandra works primarily with clients that are eager to grow, break free of old patterns, reduce stress, and experience vitality and optimal health. Her work is known to be grounding, intuitive, and a deeply effective process.


Cassandra offers coaching packages for individuals and mindfulness teaching for businesses, organizations and special events.


Cassandra holds a bachelor’s degree in Dietetics/Mass Communications and Human Sciences, is trained in Mindfulness, Life Coaching, and Integrative Health, and has professionally supported the work of some of the top experts in these fields. When she is not coaching or teaching, she can be found exploring nature with her husband and 2 kids, her favorite teachers of mindfulness and conscious living.


Work with mindfulness-based coach, Cassandra Cabrera, to help you manifest goals and desires for your life and your health, navigate life’s challenges, and become the best version of yourself. We’ll create a personalized plan using proven strategies to make positive changes and improve your daily life, relationships, and your long-term vision. In addition to coaching, sessions dedicated to mindfulness and meditation promote clarity, stress relief, and inner peace.


You get one life and the truth is that you determine how you experience it. It is my life’s mission to share what I have learned along the way to empower others along their path. We all have the power to realize our greatest potential, healing, and the life we want!


Things we may work on together:

  • increasing equanimity, happiness, fulfillment

  • better managing and reducing stress and anxiety

  • stepping into your power, manifesting goals and aspirations

  • staying committed and excited about your health goals

  • navigating a life or career change with guidance and support

  • parenting, communication, and healthy relationships





$125/session, 55-min sessions

5-session package, $499, payment plan available

(This plan also works for families and relationship coaching.)


Executive / High-Performance Coaching

$220/session (ask how your employer may cover this)

$410/month for biweekly sessions


Group Facilitation and Presentations

  • Online or in-person

  • One-three hour or multi-day workshops 

  • Group facilitation for retreats

  • Mindfulness training series for companies and nonprofits

  • Support for employees and staff