I am Jess Pfeffer and I am the founder of Real Connections SoFla. AKA Chief Connecting Officer.


I’d like to first say thank you for making the decision to live your best life. As a holistic practitioner, it is my pleasure and honor to be a part of the team to help you elevate your self-care and improve some or all of the buckets of your life.

With my Master’s in Mental Health Counseling, Bachelor’s in Elementary Education and yoga teacher training (RYT) my passion has always been in serving the community through education and being a sense of inspiration by filling my own buckets the best I can. A lot of reading, research, self-exploration, and working with health and wellness experts brought me to the idea of creating a holistic talent agency. I have had the privilege of meeting and attracting talented individuals who also wanted to be resources to the community. 


The holistic talent agency, Real Connections SoFla, was created in November 2019. My intention was to support their businesses and connect them to each other and showcase their talents to a greater audience. 


My super power is creating a safe space for people to feel comfortable and be able to freely shine their lights. I also enjoy supporting them by assisting them with their promoting and marketing. Real Connections SoFla slowly turned into event planning also due to a great team that was organically forming.

As of recently our events, workshops, and classes are all online via our holistic community membership. We continue to offer tips, tools and tricks to fill those buckets.


We know it takes a village, therefore we have created one for you.  Although we are all “perfectly imperfect” we’d like to support you in any area(s) you’d like extra TLC in. 


Look forward to connecting with you soon!

Sending love & light,




A few years ago I realized it was easier to express the areas of our lives we tend to focus on, by sectioning them into pillars aka buckets: 


2)Social Relationships

3)Romantic Relationships



6)Community/ Service to Others


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