Sandy Beach

I am Jess Pfeffer and I am the Founder + Chief Connecting Officer of Real Connections SoFla.


It is my honor + privilege to be a connector for holistic practitioners + the community. With my Master’s in Mental Health Counseling, Bachelor’s in Elementary Education, and yoga teacher training (RYT) my passion has always been in serving the community through education and being a sense of inspiration by filling my own buckets the best I can.


A lot of reading, research, self-exploration, and working with health and wellness experts brought me to the idea of creating a holistic talent agency. I am so fortunate to have attracted talented individuals who also wanted to be resources to the community.  As they say "your vibe attracts your tribe".  


Real Connections SoFla's mission is to connect health + wellness experts to the community.


The 6 buckets we believe life's areas fall into are:

  1. self

  2. romantic relationships

  3. work

  4. family

  5. social relationships

  6. community


These buckets aren't meant to be "perfectly" filled, but they aren't meant to be completely empty either. 


The 4 pillars Real Connections SoFla workshops + events represent:

  1. movement

  2. mindfulness

  3. nourishment

  4. nature


Through fitness and exercise, yoga, meditation and breathwork, cooking and nutrition, and being outside we are supporting you on this journey to living your best life. 


The tools we utilize to fill the buckets & meet your physical, mental, and spiritual health's needs:

  1. engage

  2. elevate

  3. emerge


Engage with like-minded individuals, elevate your self-care routines, and emerge into a community that will inspire and support you. 


We look forward to connecting with you soon!

In light + connection,